Here is a handpicked list of the best healers in San Diego. Between all of us, you are sure to get all your wellness needs met.

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Meeting Olivia is like meeting a fairy in human form. I have been blessed to meet this magical being when we both worked on Olive Street, and am happy to work down the hall from her, once again, in Little Italy! A medium and clairvoyant, who holds sweet ethereal space, Olivia blends an array of healing modalities including body work, Reiki, and crystal healing, into a cohesive and transcendental treatment that is uniquely her very own. I affectionately dub her as the Crystal Healer, since her ability to work with these beautiful elements is intuitive and otherworldly.

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Olivia Divine

LMT, Reiki Master & Crystal Healer

(858) 220-6683

Niki is one powerful and special psychic intuitive healer, who holds ancient wisdom in her very demeanor. Her ability to hold strong, yet soft nurturing feminine space during your healing session is unparalleled. Niki’s transformative offerings include divinely channeled readings, Reiki and Quantum Hypnosis Healing Therapy, a specialized therapeutic modality in which she facilitates a specialized and unique hypnosis session where you tap into your past, future, and present lives and your subconscious for deep healing on mental spiritual, emotional, and physical levels. I have personally experienced a QHHT session from Niki and it completely changed my life in the highest sense!

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Niki French

Quantum Healing Hypnosis - QHHT/past life regression